Incubator 2Entrepreneurial skills are valuable to students, whether they see themselves going into business or not. Entrepreneurs must think creatively and originally, solve complex problems and be resilient in the face of failure. They must be able to collaborate, thrive in ambiguity and be accountable to others. In the real world, where simple answers are few and far between, where change is constant, competition is fierce, and the careers of tomorrow aren’t yet known, students armed with an entrepreneur’s toolkit will have a distinct advantage over students who are used to simply “doing” school. Ultimately, entrepreneurship is about turning ideas into reality and using those ideas to change the world. INCubatoredu® prepares students for the complexity of the challenges facing the world today.

Incubator 1GEF is proud to partner with Ball High School to support the IncubaTOR Business Startup Course, which teaches entrepreneurism through the INCubatoredu® curriculum. Students enrolled in this course become true entrepreneurs by creating and developing their own product or service. Business experts from the community lend their talent as coaches and mentors to guide students through the process of ideation, market research and business plan development. Over the course of a year, student teams will learn about product development, financial modeling, marketing, accounting, human resources as well as the legal aspects of running a business. The class culminates with “Pitch Night” when student teams deliver presentations to a board of investors seeking funds to turn their business plans into reality. Support Ball High School’s IncubaTOR program by making a tax-deductible donation today!

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94% of the Millennial generation believe that entrepreneurship education is important.

62% have not been offered a class and 62% of respondents who took a class did not feel it was adequate.

72% of high-schoolers want to be entrepreneurs. In fact, they do worry about the economy.

Sources: Gallup-Hope Survey, 2013; Young Entrepreneur Council and Buzz Marketing Groups, 2014; JWT Intelligence, 2012,; Millenial Branding and 2014, Mintel 2014

About INCubatoredu®

INCubatoredu is a 501(c)3 not for profit organization. Their mission is to bring authentic, rigorous entrepreneurial education to all high school students. INCubatoredu creates a foundational experience for high school students who will study entrepreneurship and business in college as well as for those students who enter the workforce after graduating from high school. For more information, please visit