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The Galveston ISD Educational Foundation (GEF) is proud to present our 2016-2017 Employee Appeal campaign! GEF invites you to make a one-time or monthly pledge to support our mission of enriching the educational experience and preparing students for the future by providing financial assistance to educators, schools and students.

If you are a Galveston Independent School District employee and you would like to participate, please download our campaign brochure and enrollment form for details. The deadline to enroll is Friday, September 30, 2016.

Top Five Reasons to Give

  1. It’s a great feeling to support the district and get recognized at the same time!
  2. Employee giving matters. Donors, foundations and corporations like to know that the employees of GISD support the Educational Foundation. It inspires them to give more!
  3. As a Chapter 41 school district with 75% of our student population economically disadvantaged, your contribution to the Employee Appeal will help fill the gap where state funding is falling short.
  4. Donating to the Employee Appeal is contributing to something bigger than any one person. When our public school students succeed, everyone wins!
  5. Every donor…every dollar…makes a difference! Even if you can only contribute a small amount, your gift counts and is appreciated.


What is an Employee Appeal?
The employee appeal is an opportunity for GISD employees to make a contribution, either one-time or monthly, to GEF.

Where will the money go?
You can choose! Here are your options:

  • Half of your donation may be directed to the campus of your choice.
  • The balance or your entire donation may be restricted to our Grants to Teachers and Schools program which funds innovative projects in our GISD classrooms.
  • The balance or your entire donation may be unrestricted, which means GEF may use your donation for programs and/or operations.

How can employees participate?
You can sign up for a monthly or one-time donation to be drafted from your paycheck, or you can simply make a donation by check, cash or credit card to GEF. All you have to do is fill out an enrollment form and return it to GEF by September 30.

Are employees required to participate?
Absolutely not. Giving to the employee appeal is completely voluntary, and it will not increase your chances of any future grant applications being funded.

Do the employees get anything in return for donating?
We’re so glad you asked! Yes, we have fun incentives for our employees who give. Attached is our 2016-17 Employee Appeal brochure which outlines all of our giving levels and their respective prizes. We also have some campus participation incentives that benefit everyone on your campus. Every donation to the Employee Appeal counts toward your campus participation incentives, including a one-time donation of $1! The campus incentives include:

  • 25% of employees on your campus participating = Sonic run for your entire campus!
  • 50% of employees on your campus participating = Sonic run for your entire campus! + Pizza for lunch for your entire campus!
  • 75% of employees on your campus participating = Sonic run for your entire campus! + Pizza for lunch for your entire campus! + Stocked treat box in your employee lounge all year long!

I already spend a lot of my own money in my classroom. I can’t afford to give to the Employee Appeal.
That’s okay! We completely understand. Giving to the Employee Appeal is completely voluntary, and you should only give what feels comfortable. Often times educators are overlooked as potential donors for the Educational Foundation. The Employee Appeal is meant to reach those of you who would like to give but have possibly never been asked. You feel so strongly about educating our youth that you have chosen to make it your career, so we want to pay you the same respect we give all our supporters by asking you to give. We understand that everyone’s situation is different, and we admire all of you for the work that you do whether you choose to give or not.

My budget changes a lot. I want to give, but I’m not comfortable making a monthly commitment.
You can participate in the Employee Appeal by making a one-time donation. Check out the enrollment form for all of the options. Also, you can stop a monthly commitment at any time. The enrollment form provides instructions for how to stop your contribution if you need to do so.

I don’t like payroll deduction, but I still want to give.
Your contribution doesn’t have to be deducted from your payroll. You are welcome to make your donation by check, credit card or cash. The enrollment form accommodates selecting this option.

If I don’t give to the Employee Appeal, will the Grants Committee give my grant application the same consideration as employees who do participate?
Giving to the Employee Appeal will have absolutely no bearing on which grant applications are approved or denied for funding. The Grants Committee will not know who has given and who has not.

What about the United Way campaign?
GISD will continue to conduct the United Way community giving campaign in the coming months that provides you an opportunity to donate to United Way via payroll deduction. In the past GISD employees were encouraged to “write-in” the Educational Foundation’s name, so that your donations would be directed toward funding grants to teachers. This is a completely separate solicitation from the Employee Appeal. However, employees who would like to continue making a contribution to GEF through United Way may still do so.