How many applications will be funded?
The quality of proposals, cumulative amount requested, and available resources determine the number of proposals funded.

Can I submit more than one application?
A Project Coordinator can only receive funding for one project, so it is not in your best interest to serve as a Project Coordinator on more than one proposal. However, you may be the Project Coordinator on one grant application and a team member on another.

I am moving to another school. Can I take items purchased by the GEF with me?
Items purchased with GEF funds become the property of GISD. If you are leaving GISD, you may not take the items with you. If you are moving to another campus or class within GISD, you must request permission from GEF to move the materials with you.

How does GEF select the proposals to fund?
GEF has a Grants Committee which reviews all applications and determines award amounts. Their goal is to select projects that meet GEF’s mission of enriching the educational experience and preparing students for the future. Furthermore, GEF seeks to support and advance the teaching and learning initiatives established by GISD. The district’s curriculum and instruction team review applications and provide feedback to the Grants Committee regarding their feasibility and alignment with district goals. This table illustrates the likelihood of various projects to be funded. However, projects can be complex, and multiple variables can influence the action of the committee.

More LikelyProjects improving reading, writing, math, science and history skills as well as STAAR and AP test performance
Projects that benefit more students
Innovative and creative projects
Materials that can be used year after year are preferred over consumables or perishables
Vocational, Fine Arts, Band, Physical Education Classes
Clubs and student groups
Less LikelyField trips and registration fees are considered a one-time event of limited duration
Sports/UIL activities
Supplies or materials that should be supplied by the school or district
Unnecessary or wasteful requests (examples: t-shirts, iPads with larger memory than required)
Poorly explained or unrealistic projects

My application did not get funded last time. Can I resubmit the same proposal?
You are welcome to submit the same project for funding, but you will need to complete a new application. It’s always a good idea to contact GEF by emailing or calling (409) 766-5157 to inquire about how you might improve your application before resubmitting. GEF also hosts grant writing workshops beneficial to applicants.

How do I purchase my materials?
Each grant recipient receives an account code unique to their project to access their funds. They must work with their campus secretary to place orders for grant materials. All purchases must be made with district-approved vendors and follow GISD’s purchasing rules. Contact your campus secretary for more information about the process for seeking approval for a vendor. Funds may only be spent on materials outlined in your grant application and approved by the Grants Committee. Items purchased with grant funds become the property of GISD.

How long do I have to spend the money?
Each grant recipient receives an award letter which establishes the deadline to spend grant funds. Unspent funds will revert back to the Galveston ISD Educational Foundation. If extenuating circumstances make the deadline too difficult to meet, you may request permission to receive an extension from GEF by emailing or calling (409) 766-5157.

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