The GISD Educational Foundation…

  • Is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit, tax exempt philanthropic organization independent of the Galveston Independent School District (GISD) but complementing it through partnership;
  • Shares a vision of enhancing education in GISD schools;
  • Works to increase private support for public education;
  • Benefits GISD students and staff by supporting activities that extend beyond what tax dollars afford;
  • Encourages and recognizes creative approaches to education through grants and involvement; and
  • Is governed by a volunteer board of directors made up of business and community leaders.


The Galveston ISD Educational Foundation enriches the educational experience and prepares students for the future by providing financial support to educators, schools and students.


Anchoring the Foundation for Every GISD Student


We believe in our children: • Every child can learn • Every child should have equal access to learn, grow, and become successful adults • All children possess exceptional talent to reach their dreams • Each child deserves an abundance of exceptional educational experiences

We believe in our district: • In a district where each and every student is a prepared, confident leader who is comfortable in any culture and knows he/she will succeed given any situation • Everyone has a voice and is a participant • That in all actions everyone will be treated with respect and dignity • In a district that supports and rewards staff who provide exceptional educational experiences • GISD students are better prepared for the real world because of our diversity and their experiences in our community and schools • All children and staff deserve their schools to be a safe and effective place to learn, work, play, and heal • GISD can be one of the premier school districts in the nation

We believe in our community: • Galveston cares about its children • Galveston strongly supports quality public education • Galvestonians will invest in teachers and students • Galveston wants students and teachers to have the tools for success

Strategic Goals & Objectives

  • Support Galveston Independent School District’s strategic plan
    • Provide grants to align with the GISD strategic plan
    • Build partnerships with other organizations to support GISD’s teachers and students
    • Explore and respond to innovative approaches to support GISD’s teachers and students
    • Maintain open channels of communication with GISD’s Board of Trustees and educators
    • Disseminate the results of the grants impact and best practices
  • Engage the community
    • Promote GISD’s and GEF’s mission and programs through a variety of channels
    • Produce and host programs and events to raise necessary funds
    • Inspire and secure commitments from individuals, businesses, foundations, and other organizations to invest in GEF
    • Encourage long-term, sustained financial and public support for GEF
    • Implement GEF’s development plan and marketing and communications plan
  • Sustain a culture of board excellence
    • Recruit diverse individuals to the board whose talent, time, and resources will enhance GEF
    • Maintain an on-going board development program
    • Foster a robust committee structure to address board priorities
    • Institute and sustain a comprehensive GEF assessment model to address organizational effectiveness and executive director evaluation
  • Manage assets and programs efficiently, effectively, and ethically
    • Oversee the process to award grants, to assess their effectiveness, and to report to GISD and others the results of the grants
    • Update key documents on prescribed cycle, such as bylaws, policies, calendars, data management, and others as identified
    • Administer GEF’s operations, financial records, and data management systems