The Galveston ISD Educational Foundation (GEF) recently awarded 9 teachers with grants that will go towards supporting programs or initiatives not supported by the district general fund. The winners received over $10,000 in grant monies generated from donations and

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The recipients were:

Britney Godfrey, Ball High School
Grant Name: Ball High Photography/Photojournalism Revival
Purpose: Help create a photography/photojournalism arts elective and corelate with core subjects and technology applications. This will be a hands-on course with expectations of mastery of computer & digitally generated images as well as graphic design in publications. Grant monies will go towards equipment to support the class curriculum.
Grant amount awarded: $5,000

Frances Buergler, Early Childhood University
Grant Name: Ready for Kindergarten
Purpose: Supplies for pre-k learning stations  & manipulatives; pre-K students will be ready for Kindergarten bc these supplies will reinforce skills in upper & lower case letters, sounds/words. Writings, puzzles, tactile letters, math groupings
Grant amount awarded: $971.58

Keysha Garcia, Galveston Academy
Grant Name: Building Sharks as the Future 21st C. Leaders
Purpose: To provide students with the academic and social development needs for students at alternative school, to develop career & college readiness skills. Students will have hands-on activites aligned with new state and local assessments, making them alert and focused on learning with a mindset of being smart and independent.
Grant amount awarded: $1390

Angela White, Austin Middle School
Grant Name: Lemonade Day
Purpose: Contribute to materials to support participation of special needs students in Lemonade Day, a community event that helped develop skills around future planning, sharing and giving to charity.
Grant amount awarded: $200

Amy Musick, Austin Middle School
Grant name: Beyond Question
Purpose: To purchase student response remote controls (clickers) that allows students to have instant data displayed on LCD projector, another form of technology that provides students with innovative educational feedback.
Grant amount awarded: $439

Casilda Rippard, Central Middle School Media Arts Academy
Grant name: Art Through Anime
Purpose: To support a thematic project to understand Japanese culture through art, artists and culture. Students in the 7th grade will create a styrofoam print using Hokusai’s printing methods and 8th grade students will create linoleum block prints. Students will gain knowledge from research peer review and learning/study groups.
Grant amount awarded : $999.24

Deni Mize, Early Childhood University
Grant name: Let’s Keep ECU/Weis Active
Purpose: Early Childhood University is now an elementary program that took the place of Weis Middle School. Because of this transition from middle school to elementary, this program needs items suited fro smaller size children. The last 15 years, the campus has been equipped fro older students, not Pre-Kindergarten-Grade 4. The equipment will give students the chance for practice of all individual and team activities, resulting in a healthier lifestyle.
Grant amount awarded : $1500

Lisa Koonce, Ball High
Grant name: Advanced Placement Test Cost Supplement
Purpose: To supplement the cost of GISD students to take Advanced Placement tests by lowering the cost of exams to $89-$50 per test. This will be an incentive for students to pass the test, as they will be reimbursed for the exam fees.
Grant amount awarded : $5,000

Alma Almazan, Oppe Elementary
Grant name: All Children Can Learn with Math & Science Centers
Purpose: The creation of math & science centers to support ELL students by having their centers/games in both English and Spanish. This provides differentiated Math & Science instruction so they are approachable subjests as it personalizes learning.
Grant amount awarded : $3,000